TS Ag Finance announces strategic new hire based in Texas

May 18, 2021


Jessie Shiels

Treynor, IA – TS Ag Finance has hired Stuart Hays to serve as Vice President. Based out of Texas, Hays will pursue and facilitate farm, ranch and agribusiness mortgage loans...

Work from home as a TS Ag Finance Originator

March 11, 2021


TS Ag Finance

The past year has changed the landscape of how and where people are working. Working from home is more prevalent than ever, but this is not new territory for TS...

TS Ag Finance welcomes a new Ag Credit Assistant

January 21, 2021


TS Ag Finance

Treynor, IA - TS Ag Finance has hired Sherrie Guill to serve in the role as Ag Credit Assistant As the Ag Credit Assistant, Sherrie will provide administrative support for...

Day in the Life of a TS Ag Finance Originator

December 16, 2019


Barry Sturdivant

In the two years I have worked as an originator for TS Ag Finance, I have worked with the best people I’ve ever worked with and have gotten unprecedented support...

TS Ag Finance team brings decades of long-term loan experience

October 11, 2019


TS Ag Finance

Helping farmers access their dreams. TS Ag Finance has more than 45 combined years of experience working with Farmer Mac on long-term fixed-rate agriculture real estate loans that help farmers...

Volkens family celebrates more than 100 years farming in Treynor

August 19, 2019


TS Ag Finance

For more than a century, generations of the Volkens family have farmed a piece of land in the heart of Treynor. Today the acreage rotates corn and soybeans on land...

Add a New Revenue Stream to Your Business Via Agriculture Real Estate Loan Referrals

July 29, 2019


David Buman

We could all use a little extra income. If you’re familiar with agriculture and real estate - or in any way connected to agriculture or real estate - why not...

Generate Annuity Income in Retirement

September 20, 2018


David Buman

As a retired Ag Banker or Ag Lender you have numerous client relationships and contacts that you have made throughout your career. Have you thought about what became of that...

Basics of an Ag Real Estate Loan

June 7, 2018


TS Ag Finance

The title of this article, while meant to convey a simple and easy to read piece, may belie the complexity and multitude of options available when purchasing and financing farm...

Barry Sturdivant’s May Article for Greenhouse Grower

May 18, 2018


TS Ag Finance

Barry Sturdivant is a Relationship Manager for TS Ag Finance and he also publishes articles that evolve from his knowledge and experiences from his years of agriculture lending. Barry wrote...

Barry Sturdivant featured in Greenhouse Grower

May 10, 2018


TS Ag Finance

Barry Sturdivant is a Relationship Manager for TS Ag Finance and occasionally publishes articles in trade magazines such as Greenhouse Grower. Barry’s banking expertise is the nursery and greenhouse industry,...

Ag Finance 101: How to Choose the Right Lender

February 28, 2018


David Buman

TS Banking Group’s President of Community Banking, Neil Stanley, recently emailed all of our employees the following article Ag Finance 101: How to Choose the Right Lender by Joel Harlow...

Seven items that should be on your agriculture management checklist

February 22, 2018


TS Ag Finance

With increased volatility and anxiety about low commodity futures prices and wide cash basis prices, we wanted to share with you a management checklist from Dr. David M. Kohl, Professor...

2018 Grain Farm Income: The Need for Above Trend Yields or Higher Prices to Break-Even

January 31, 2018


David Buman

TS Ag Finance follows the University of Illinois' Department of Agriculture and Consumer Economics' “farmdocdaily” as they publish articles and research information related to various aspects of agriculture and agriculture...

Dr. Hanson Talks Succession Planning in 5 Tips

April 18, 2017


TS Ag Finance

At the 2017 Ag Summit, keynote speaker Dr. Ron Hanson presented on the topic of farm succession planning. Since the event, many attendees have reached out wanting more on this...

Three Things You Didn’t Know AboutTS Ag Finance

July 19, 2016


TS Ag Finance

We can provide solutions to all of your agriculture loan needs. Being part of TS Banking Group we have the ability to offer competitive operating and chattel loans. In addition...

What’s Your Game Plan?

April 28, 2016


TS Ag Finance

Due to high output costs, weather variables and the wavering markets, 2015 and 2016 have been full of challenges for those involved in the Ag industry. To sit and watch...

Who is TS Ag Finance?

February 10, 2016


JaLynne Schmaling

With a strong background in agriculture and a desire to serve agricultural producers throughout the nation, TS Banking Group developed TS Ag Finance. The primary goal of TS Ag Finance...

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