Work from home as a TS Ag Finance Originator

March 11, 2021


TS Ag Finance


The past year has changed the landscape of how and where people are working. Working from home is more prevalent than ever, but this is not new territory for TS Ag Finance loan originators.

As a TS Ag Finance originator, you’re able to work anywhere in the United States on your schedule and for as many hours as you want. Through this role, you’ll be able to work with your local farmers and producers and focus on building relationships and/or offer agriculture-related real estate loan programs and products to farmers, ranchers or farmland owners throughout the United States.

TS Ag Finance is looking to partner with you and offer our elite programs and products to farmers or farmland owners throughout the United States. As an originator with TS Ag Finance, you work when you want to. TS Ag Finance won’t enforce any annual volume commitments – you can build a portfolio that will continue to generate annuity income for the life of the loans. Best of all, you will remain the primary contact with your clients.

Our streamlined process allows for easy submissions and quick turnaround times. We understand the importance of fast decisions in today’s competitive market and we strive to deliver exceptional client service. We offer a competitive incentive program that allows originator lenders to generate income in retirement. TS Ag Finance pays incentives on a per loan basis, allowing you to receive revenue throughout the year.

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About TS Ag Finance: TS Ag Finance is a DBA of TS Bank, located in Iowa serving the Midwest and beyond. The primary goal of TS Ag Finance is to partner with agricultural real estate originators, brokers and banks to help them retain and expand their ag client base and services offered. TS Ag Finance uses a network of national and regional team members with first-hand knowledge and years of experience in agricultural lending.