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TS Ag Finance announces strategic new hire based in Texas

May 18, 2021 l Jessie Shiels

Treynor, IA – TS Ag Finance has hired Stuart Hays to serve as Vice President. Based out of Texas, Hays will pursue and facilitate farm, ranch and agribusiness mortgage loans and ope

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Work from home as a TS Ag Finance Originator

March 11, 2021 l TS Ag Finance

The past year has changed the landscape of how and where people are working. Working from home is more prevalent than ever, but this is not new territory for TS Ag Finance loan originators. As a TS

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TS Ag Finance welcomes a new Ag Credit Assistant

January 21, 2021 l TS Ag Finance

Treynor, IA - TS Ag Finance has hired Sherrie Guill to serve in the role as Ag Credit Assistant As the Ag Credit Assistant, Sherrie will provide administrative support for TS Ag Fi

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Day in the Life of a TS Ag Finance Originator

December 16, 2019 l Barry Sturdivant

In the two years I have worked as an originator for TS Ag Finance, I have worked with the best people I’ve ever worked with and have gotten unprecedented support from the organization. I am fortu

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TS Ag Finance team brings decades of long-term loan experience

October 11, 2019 l TS Ag Finance

Helping farmers access their dreams. TS Ag Finance has more than 45 combined years of experience working with Farmer Mac on long-term fixed-rate agriculture real estate loans that help farmers refi

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