Become an Originator

We are seeking new farm real estate originators and bank originators to join our referral network across the United States. Typical business owner partners are realtors, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, accountants and farm managers. We also work with referring banks.

We assist our originators and their qualified clients to help determine the best fit and viable financing options available to them in the market place. We offer unique and flexible long-term fixed-interest rate real estate loans that are geared for agricultural producers and investors looking to expand their operations, refinance into a more favorable fixed interest rate loan product(s), or consolidate debt into farm real estate loans.

Our originators, including banks, can market these programs and products to their agricultural farmer and rancher clients while maintaining the relationship and reduce the risk of losing the client. TS Ag Finance underwrites and submits the originated farm real estate and agribusiness loans to various agriculture funding sources while serving as the intermediary between the originator and the funding source.

Business Owner Referrer

TS Ag Finance is looking to partner with additional originators to offer our elite agricultural related real estate loan programs and products to farmers, ranchers or farmland owners throughout the United States. As an originator with TS Ag Finance, you work when you want to. As a loan originator, TS Ag Finance won’t enforce any annual volume requirements and you can build a portfolio that will continue to generate annuity income for the life of the farm real estate loans. As an originator, you remain the primary contact with your clients.


Our streamlined process allows for easy submissions and quick turnaround times. We understand the importance of quick decisions in today’s competitive market and we strive to deliver exceptional customer service on farm loans. We offer a competitive program that allows originators to generate income multiple ways. TS Ag Finance pays rebates on a per loan basis, allowing you to receive revenue throughout the year. Additionally, TS Ag Finance will serve as a knowledge center regarding the farm real estate loan qualification and input along with product guidelines.

Convenient Account Management

TS Ag Finance is partnered with AgriFinancial, a subsidiary of CGB Enterprises Inc., as a loan central servicer for our clients. AgriFinancial provides 24/7 online farm real estate loan access for borrowers and originators through their website This is a secure website allowing borrowers and originators access to view account information, additionally:

  • Payments can be made online, through an ACH, wire transfer or by check.
  • The account payment history, with a chronological list of past payments including dates paid and amount paid.
  • A payments due tab showing the next payment date, including a breakdown of the payment information into principal, interest, escrow or other amounts.

Interested in learning more about our Originator program? Complete the form below, and we will be in touch to answer any questions and help you begin your new business.