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Who is TS Ag Finance?

February 10, 2016


JaLynne Schmaling


With a strong background in agriculture and a desire to serve agricultural producers throughout the nation, TS Banking Group developed TS Ag Finance.

The primary goal of TS Ag Finance is to partner with agricultural real estate originators and lenders to help them retain and expand their ag client base and services offered by creating a National and Regional team of individuals with first-hand knowledge and years of experience in agricultural lending.

Who is on the TS Ag Finance team?

David Buman, SVP of TS Ag Finance oversees the team. The national team includes Hugh Marsden, Mark Dunn and myself, JaLynne Schmaling.

National Agriculture Real Estate Team

The National Agricultural Real Estate Lending Team offers financing opportunities for agricultural mortgage loan originators throughout the United States.

These financing options offer unique and flexible products for the agricultural producer and investor looking to expand their operation, refinance into a more favorable loan product(s), or consolidate debt.

The originators can market these programs and products to their agricultural clients while remaining the primary relationship manager.

TS Ag Finance will underwrite and submit the originated loans to various funding sources.

Regional Agricultural Lending Team

TS Ag Finance is equipped to grow to over 40 seasoned agriculture lending relationship managers and underwriters with expertise in agricultural production and real estate. This team also specializes in the beef industry, from cow/calf to feedlot operations.

The Regional Ag Lending team works with farmers and agricultural producers throughout the upper Midwest to finance real estate loans, operating loans as well as intermediate term equipment and livestock loans.

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